Traffic Attorney Fairfax, VA

Violating the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia can have potentially serious consequences. This is one reason it is important to secure the legal services of an expert traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA. In Fairfax, as with much of modern Western society, losing your driver’s license is akin to house arrest for many violators. If you fear the downside impact of a traffic charge, you need an accomplished traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA to provide legal services and guide you through the legal process and mitigate any risks.

The collateral consequences of a traffic arrest, which often occur outside of the legal system, can include significantly increased insurance premiums, a suspension of driving privileges, review or revocation of your government security clearance, and difficulty obtaining loan approval if convicted. It may also mean job loss, and the loss of future employment or advancement opportunities. Any of which alone may be manageable, but taken in concert, would be best tackled by an experienced traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA.

If you are concerned about paying fines or penalties, maintaining your driver’s license, or any other consequences stemming from a recent traffic stop or arrest, a knowledgeable Boone Beale traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA is well-equipped to provide your best defense. Facing legal charges after a traffic offense can be overwhelming, with charges that could include any or some of the following:

• speeding

• reckless driving

• texting while driving

• revoked or suspended driver’s license

• overweight citations

• driving after declared to be a habitual offender

• ignition interlock violations

• and hit and run misdemeanors or felonies

Call a reputable traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA at the preeminent law firm of Boone Beale. We are experts at traffic law defense. If you have been stopped by a law enforcement official for an expired tag or inspection sticker, a burned out tail light, your headlights were not on after dark, you were picked up on a radar or lidar violation, at a roadblock or traffic checking detail, or were flagged for improperly tinted windows, weaving on the highway or crossing the yellow line, we can help protect your legal rights and take full opportunity of all legal maneuvers available to mitigate possible consequences and penalties and protect your innocence.

Contact Boone Beale today to talk to an expert traffic attorney in Fairfax, VA. We can help.