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Making the Case for Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Richmond VA

With tough DUI laws and even tougher penalties, no one can truly afford to face a Virginia DUI offense without an experienced DUI lawyer in Richmond VA – contact Boone Beale Today.

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Without a good DUI attorney in Richmond VA, drivers arrested for DUI stand to lose much more than their driver’s license. According to the PBS Newshour, in 2014 the Wall Street Journal reported that Americans with a DUI or criminal conviction before age 24 suffer significant lifelong consequences, including higher unemployment, less income, and twice the rate of poverty as their non-offending peers.

In any criminal case the Commonwealth’s prosecution must prove you were guilty of breaking the law. In the commission of a DUI offense, that means measured proof of impairment and establishing you were the person operating the vehicle. There are innumerable variables that can come into question, and a veteran DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA, is the only person who can assist you in arguing the complex facts in your DUI case.

Many cases of alleged DUI in Richmond VA, are resolved or dismissed due to procedural or administrative errors made by police, faulty forensic analysis, and even in the handling of evidence. Not only must the arresting officer have a legal cause to stop and arrest you, but every step along the way the procedural process has to be strictly followed. One misstep on the part of law enforcement or the prosecution, and a competent DUI lawyer has the opportunity needed to shift the outcome of your DUI case.

What are some of the ways a DUI lawyer in Richmond VA, can successfully argue for your defense?

  • If the officer did not have probable cause to believe you were driving while impaired, evidence against you can be suppressed in court.
  • If the prosecution cannot prove you were “operating” a vehicle while impaired, your case may be dismissed.
  • If roadside field tests are improperly administered, results can be challenged.
  • If the forensic analysis is faulty or evidence mishandled, your DUI lawyer in Richmond VA, can make a motion to have charges reduced or dismissed.
  • If video cameras record the DUI arrest, they can reveal conditions and facts not reported by police, possibly countering the validity or supposition of the case presented by the prosecutor.

A DUI arrest does not have to change the course of your life forever. Contact the law firm of Boone Beale to talk to a successful DUI attorney in Richmond VA, and discover how they can help you argue your case.

DUI Lawyer in Richmond VA

DUI Lawyer in Richmond VA
DUI Lawyer in Richmond VA

How to Work With Your DUI Lawyer in Richmond, VA

The first thing you need to do after your DUI arrest is hire a qualified DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA. Working together you will review the specifics of your case, explore defense strategies, and develop a working plan to assemble the information, documentation and evidence to successfully present your most effective DUI defense.

As you prepare your defense, reference the following guidelines to better facilitate a successful working relationship with your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA:


  • Send or fax information or documents your DUI lawyer requests immediately.
  • Return texts or phone calls promptly, and make sure your phone stays charged.
  • Keep track of the lawyer’s fees, anticipated case expenses, and maintain a payment schedule.
  • When you have doubts about what comes next refer back to the details included in the contract between you and your DUI attorney.


  • Follow a working timeline with deadlines and milestones to stay ahead of the next steps in your DUI case.
  • Agree on a written set of objectives based on your personal priorities.
  • Clarify how essential information will be communicated.
  • Keep a dedicated file so you have critical documents, contact information, and everything you need to discuss with your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA.
  • Learn about your legal rights and the legal process as it applies to your case.

The success of your DUI case will hinge on your ability to work closely with your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA. Setting expectations and establishing the framework for your legal partnership will afford you the best opportunity to win your DUI case.

Finding a DUI Lawyer in Richmond, VA – Preparing for Your Initial Meeting

Finding the right DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA is the most important thing you can do to right after you are charged with a DUI offense. For most people a DUI arrest and the period immediately following is a confusing, tumultuous time when you are in limbo until you find the most qualified, experienced DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA.

Staying organized and paying attention to details will help you as you share documents and information with your DUI lawyer. Richmond, VA is a large metropolitan area with plenty of DUI lawyers willing to take your case. You need to understand their qualifications, the extent of their experience with similar DUI cases, and scrutinize their proposed contract to determine which DUI lawyer in Richmond you can trust to provide a successful DUI defense.

Preparing for your initial meetings with lawyers is essential to understanding the charges against you, evaluating the potential penalties and consequences, and making informed decisions that will have deep implications for your future. The following tips will guide you through the interview and hiring process to ensure you have chosen your DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA with confidence.

  1. Take your citation and any arrest documents along with a copy of your driving record from the DMV. If you have a criminal history, take that as well.
  2. Be prepared with previously completed questionnaires, diagrams, potential evidence and a written list of questions important to you.
  3. Be diligent in doing your homework so you have enough general knowledge about your situation and the DUI lawyers in Richmond, VA you are considering to make a reasonably informed choice.
  4. You may be asked to pay a retainer when you sign the final agreement, so bring a checkbook or credit card.
  5. Ask every pertinent question you have and share any information you feel may be relevant to your defense. All discussions are protected by law under attorney-client privilege, and your privacy is expected in accordance with the requirements of the State Bar Association.
  6. Remember time is money when you are with your DUI lawyer, so it’s best to allow them to initiate and direct the conversation before you jump in.
  7. Expect each DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA to ask both factual and questions probing your character and background. If they are to properly represent you in your DUI case your relationship has to rest in complete trust and respect.
  8. Be thorough and leave satisfied there are no unanswered questions or gray areas.