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Don’t Go Without a DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA

Why go without a DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA? A DUI conviction means certain dire consequences and overwhelming penalties, some court-mandated and others the response of a society long weary of the cost of people getting behind the wheel of their vehicles after consuming alcohol or drugs that severely impair their ability to safely drive.

Because Virginia defines driving as a privilege and not a right, you are presumed to consent to breath or blood testing by virtue of the per se law, which makes it a criminal offense to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or greater if you are arrested for DUI or snared by a routine traffic stop while impaired by drugs. Only the assistance of a well-trained, highly-respected DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA, can help you negotiate a positive outcome in the criminal justice system.

The bottom line? You risk losing much more than your ability to drive if convicted of a Virginia DUI. Since July, 2013, a DUI conviction in Virginia remains on your criminal record for life. In fact, the PBS Newshour carried an item this past January quoting a Wall Street Journal report that Americans with a DUI conviction before age 23 “experience higher unemployment rates, make less money, and are twice as likely to end up in poverty as their peers.”

There is much at stake. Without a qualified DUI attorney in Woodbridge, VA, how will you present an effective DUI defense? Without a good DUI lawyer, you may never know what potential argument could have earned you freedom from a lifetime suppressed by one DUI conviction.

When you need a top-rated DUI attorney in Woodbridge, VA, don’t take chances – call the DUI experts at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law. Successfully fighting for DUI clients throughout Virginia since 1980.

DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA

DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA
DUI Attorney in Woodbridge VA

DUI Attorney In Woodbridge VA: What to Expect After Arrest for a DUI

When you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in Woodbridge VA, it can be a confusing time for you. No doubt you are in some shock and things can happen very quickly. This is when you will need to put trust into a DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA. The police will follow a series of steps when taking you to be booked and jailed. Below is what you can expect to happen following the arrest and before you go to trial.

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Personal Belongings Are Removed
At the arrest location, you will be searched for any weapons and arresting officers my remove and bag personal accessories such as jewelry, scarves, belts, shoe laces. Any strings in your clothing such as hooded sweatshirts or jacket waists will be taken out of the garments. The detention facility may take additional precautions and take sweaters and shoes as well, and hold them until you are released.

Fingerprinting and Photos Are Taken
Police will take finger prints and photographs are part of the booking process where the arrest is recorded at the police station. You will be asked to answer questions. You are however not obligated to answer any questions until the arrival of your DUI attorney. Woodbridge VA police will give you the opportunity to make a call. You should call an attorney or a person you trust to make that call on your behalf.

License Automatically Suspended for Seven Days
You will be subject to an “Administrative License Suspension” if your breath test results were .08 or over (or .02 if under 21).Your license will be taken away for this period and returned after the seven days. You may not drive at all. Failure to comply is a criminal offense and will bring its own penalties, which could mean jail time, fines and extend your license suspension.

Arraignment Scheduling
If you are able to post bail and be released from the station, your arraignment hearing will likely be scheduled after your seven-day administrative license suspension has ended. If you are unable to post bail are detained further in jail, your arraignment will likely take place the next business day.

The arraignment is a formal statement of the charges against you before the Court. The Court will make sure you understand the charges and your rights to counsel. It’s best for you to have representation at the hearing by a DUI attorney in Woodbridge VA. The police do not have to be present at this time. The judge will schedule the next court date for you and witnesses to appear. If you do not have representation at the arraignment, you may find yourself with a short time to prepare your defense. Boone Beale representation would work to make sure the next court date allows appropriate time for preparation.