Successful Arlington VA DUI Defense

Don’t settle for a DUI attorney that will plead you guilty. Call an experienced Arlington, VA DUI attorney and share your story. You can successfully defend an Arlington DUI. You don’t have to assume you are guilty of DUI in Virginia because you have been charged. A skilled DUI defense attorney will meet with you at your convenience in Arlington, Virginia, to review the details of your specific case, discuss the legal implications and possible defense avenues, and make a plan to collect evidence, contact experts, and present your best possible Virginia DUI defense.

The first step is preparation for a formal review hearing. This is part of the DUI administrative process, and why it is essential to know how to fight an Arlington, VA, DUI case. A DUI attorney in Arlington is an asset in protecting your driving privileges at your DUI hearing, especially when time restrictions are critical.

The next part is fighting the DUI criminal charges against you. DUI penalties resulting from an Arlington, VA, DUI arrest vary depending on many factors, including the number of prior DUI convictions, the severity of BAC impairment, whether there was any damage caused by the incident, and other circumstances. Major DUI penalties include fines, court costs, jail time, community service, driver license suspension, vehicle impounding, DUI school (VASAP), substance abuse evaluation and treatment, random testing, ignition interlock systems, and victim impact panel requirements. Your Arlington DUI attorney is there to help maximize your ability to defeat your DUI charges and to get your case dismissed as quickly as possible.

An expert Arlington, VA, DUI attorney employs professional resources in forensics, private investigation, and medical testing that may dismiss DUI charges by exposing weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. Challenging probable cause and the protocols followed while administering field sobriety tests, blood tests and breath tests is a successful strategy to minimize and often have Arlington, VA, DUI charges dismissed. Working in partnership with your Arlington, VA DUI attorney you can challenge and potentially suppress DUI testing and other evidence, avoiding potentially severe, expensive, and unnecessary Virginia DUI penalties.

Time is of the essence. Consult with a DUI attorney now and become informed of DUI strategies that might increase your chances to beat your Arlington DUI case and have your charges dismissed.