Strong Richmond Va DUI Defense

Richmond, VA DUI convictions are forever – they remain a part of your permanent legal history. But a strong DUI defense includes mitigating the hefty consequences of a Richmond, VA DUI. Just because the record remains does not mean you have to pay excessive fines, penalties, or fees, or face a future where your opportunities are restricted by your DUI.

A typical first time DUI offense in Virginia includes some or most of the following:

• Mandatory minimum one year probation with VASAP for first offense.
• VASAP charges a minimum of $400.00 for educational and probation services.
• Jail – up to 12 months on misdemeanor offenses; up to 5 years for felony offenses.
• Fine – Misdemeanors – up to $2,500. 00 with mandatory minimums; Felony upon to $2,500.00 with $1,000.00 mandatory minimum.
• Creates a prior offense to be used to future sentencing offenses.
• Administrative License Revocation – At your Richmond, VA, DUI arrest, not after conviction, your driver’s license is immediately suspended for seven days if you refuse to take the breath test or the results of the breath test indicate your BAC is equal to or greater than .08 (greater than or equal to .02 if the driver is under 21 years of age).
• License suspension (variable lengths depending on prior offenses).
• Ignition Interlock device installation will be required on all repeat offenses and all DUIs with a BAC of .15 or above.
For the record, DUI is the only motor vehicle offense that shows up in the FBI NCIC database (national crime information center, Quantico, VA).

A 2nd Richmond, VA DUI conviction within 5 years carries a mandatory 1 year no restricted license; a 3rd offense or greater within 5 or 10 years carries indefinite revocation.

Some of the less visible consequences of a Virginia DUI include:

• 3 years of SR-22 (assigned high- risk, high premium insurance) to retain driving privileges once reinstated.
• Professional license applications – any of the “licensed professions” can withhold or delay licensure or initiate revocation proceedings.
• The employee manual from your job may require disclosure to Human Resources department. Then a company official decides on termination.
• Any US government security clearance will be denied or revoked.
• Denial of admission to many professional schools.
• Civil judgment, including punitive damages, if accident related to DUI.
• Interest rates for loans may be higher.
• A DUI conviction report can negatively affect your credit score.
• Court records are public and available online.

If you are successfully represented by one of our skilled Boone Beale Richmond DUI lawyers, and win your case by dismissal, reduction of charges, or acquittal, your driving privileges and Virginia driver’s license are reinstated and your share of those hefty consequences will be greatly reduced.