Richmond VA Possession of Marijuana Criminal Charge

richmond va possession of marijuanaIn Richmond VA possession of marijuana is still a crime. Marijuana laws have been changing rapidly in this country. From coast to coast attitudes and norms have morphed dramatically over the last few years and those attitudes and norms have been reflected in the laws of many states. Stories about decriminalization, legalization, and medical marijuana have all become commonplace on the evening news.

Where does Virginia stand? Richmond VA possession of marijuana is still very much a crime. Even the residue of marijuana can carry potential jail time as a misdemeanor offense. In Richmond Virginia Possession of Marijuana with the intent to distribute is also a misdemeanor that can carry up to 12 months in jail, with the potential penalty becoming years of prison on a felony if the amount is more than a half of an ounce.

Richmond VA Possession of Marijuana

Understanding these laws is just the first step if you’ve been charged with a Richmond VA possession of marijuana offense. To ensure the full protection of the law and your rights you need an advocate who has had their experience forged in the crucible of trial. You need someone to stand up for you and fight for you. There may be legal issues at stake that are not apparent to the naked eye. When the police search your car, residence, or person, for instance, they are required to follow certain procedures to comply with the law. You need a keen eye to comb through complex situations.

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