Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer in Henrico County, VA

A DUI conviction is a crime that remains on your criminal record for the remainder of your life. Before you hire a DUI lawyer in Henrico County, VA, insist on a thorough interview, followed by research to verify their qualifications. Your DUI lawyer is your sole agent, legal counselor and defender as you traverse the criminal justice system. You’ll want to make the most informed decision possible to hire a reputable DUI lawyer in Henrico County who has the licenses, experience, education and legal skills most appropriate to your situation and personal needs.

Industry experts recommend you ask a number of standard questions to ensure you can accurately compare DUI lawyers. That way you can choose the DUI lawyer in Henrico County, VA you feel will best represent you.

Henrico VA DUI Lawyer Questions

  1. Who will be the DUI lawyer at your firm in charge of my case?
  2. How long have you been a practicing DUI lawyer in Henrico County?
  3. What specific education, specialized training, awards and recognitions make you the right DUI lawyer for my case?
  4. How many, and what percentage of DUI cases have you taken to trial in Henrico County, VA versus those that settled out of court?
  5. Have you ever been disciplined by the State Bar?
    (The Virginia State Bar is the agency authorized to test, license, and discipline DUI lawyers in Henrico County, VA. Contact them to verify information about each potential candidate.)
  6. Which professional organizations do you belong to and what type of nationally accredited education and training do you have that set you apart from other local DUI lawyers in Henrico County, VA?
  7. How are hourly billing and case-related expenses handled?
  8. After reviewing my case, what difficulties does it present and what opportunities do you see for an appropriate DUI defense strategy?

Mandatory minimum sentencing, Habitual Violator laws, and more effective law enforcement means you can’t afford to pay a DUI lawyer who is less than successful in winning client cases. Immediately after your DUI arrest, your first step is contacting and hiring the DUI lawyer in Henrico County, VA you trust to do whatever it takes to diligently prepare your most promising DUI defense.