Prince William VA DUI Defense Lawyer

In Prince William County, more than 2500 people a year are charged with DUI related offenses. Just because an arrest has been made for DUI or DWI, that does not mean that every person accused was found guilty. Experienced DUI legal representation can help that to be your outcome also.

Penalties for DUI in Prince William County can be severe. Maximum punishments for a first time conviction can be:

  • up to 12 months in jail
  • loss of driving privileges for 12 months
  • a fine of $250.00

The attorneys at Boone Beale are experienced DUI lawyers that have helped many in your exact situation.

A DUI charge in Prince William is does not usually mean a jail sentence, if:

  • Blood Alcohol Content is less than .14
  • First offense DUI
  • they were cooperative with the police officer
  • have decent driving record with a valid driver’s license
  • driving behavior was not egregious
  • not accident related

The length of the license suspension is a great concern to most people. In our society, being unable to drive can create many hardships and can even lead to job loss.

A first offense DUI is an automatic 12 month loss of the privilege to drive in Virginia. A judge may allow a person to have restricted driving privileges so that can drive to work or school, day care, and religious activities.

You need an experienced Prince William VA DUI lawyer to thoroughly review the events that caused the police officer to make an arrest. Boone Beale’s experienced team can help you win your case.