Preparing to Meet with a DUI Lawyer in Richmond, VA

The crucial days after you are stopped and charged with a Virginia DUI can be frightening, confusing, and filled with anxiety. They can also be your best opportunity to find a DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA with extensive experience successfully representing people in your situation. This is the time to really focus on locating a DUI lawyer familiar with the courts in Richmond and the fundamentals of DUI law – a DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA who can craft a winning DUI defense strategy on your behalf.

There are many moving parts in play and many possible outcomes. You need a reputable, trustworthy DUI attorney to help you make sense of it all so you can construct your best DUI defense. This brief guide is designed to help you prepare to meet with a DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA. After your meeting and reviewing your case you can determine if this is the right DUI attorney for you.

First, provide your basic personal information. Then an experienced DUI lawyer in Richmond should examine and discuss the critical paperwork needed to reconstruct the day of your DUI arrest, verify your scheduled court appearances, and explore viable DUI defense strategies. This paperwork may include:

• The police report and any documents available to describe the events in your case
• Court documents detailing charges against you
• Bail papers
• Warrants or police paperwork resulting from a property search
• Any records of arrest or prior convictions

Also be prepared to review the following information with a Richmond DUI lawyer:

• A written statement of the details of events before, during, and after your DUI arrest
• A list of witnesses or co-defendants
• A list of questions you want to ask your DUI lawyer
• Anticipated issues in your case and possible solutions
• The cost of your DUI defense and payment options

A positive outcome in your DUI may very well depend upon the skill and agility of the DUI lawyer you select to represent your best interest. The better prepared you are to meet with a DUI lawyer in Richmond, VA, the better your chances of finding a working partnership for a winning outcome in court.