A Top-Notch DUI Defense in Chesterfield County, VA

How important is your lawyer to a winning DUI defense in Chesterfield County, VA? Let me tell you my story and how a solid DUI defense in Chesterfield County, VA helped me reduce the impact of the consequences and penalties I faced as a result of having multiple DUIs.

After leaving the military in 2006, I spent some wild time that included earning three DUI convictions in five years in Virginia. Not from the area, I hit the internet and found the names of some attorneys practicing DUI defense in Chesterfield County, VA. After asking a lot of questions and interviewing several lawyers, I found one that had a complete mastery of not only potential DUI defense strategies, but had years of experience defending DUI cases in the Chesterfield County judicial system.

In preparing my DUI defense, I hired a lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA with a sound reputation and a proven DUI track record in the Virginia courts. Penalties for repeat offenders have gotten tougher, and I knew since I would have three DUI convictions I would spend time in a local jail, face a longer license suspension, and probably pay thousands in fines and restitution.

Hardship licenses for driving to and from work are increasingly unavailable. I was lucky. But if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having multiple DUI’s, these severe consequences can be difficult or impossible to avoid, even with a good DUI lawyer. DUI in Virginia is like most states with Habitual Violator laws that require a felony conviction for every three DUI convictions. Three-time DUI offenders can sometimes lose their driving privilege permanently and lose civil rights like the right to vote.

According to the Legal Code of Virginia a third offense DUI conviction is a Class 6 Felony offense carrying the following penalties:

• Jail time: My third DUI was within 5 years of my prior convictions. I spent a mandatory minimum of 6 months in the local jail.

• Fines: I paid a mandatory minimum $1,000 fine.

• Ignition interlock: The court required I install an ignition interlock device on all my vehicles before the DMV allowed me to get a restricted license.

• License suspension: A third offense within a 10 year period resulted in me being classified as a habitual offender by the Court and the DMV. My license is revoked indefinitely and I need to call the DMV about what they required in order to reinstate my license after my third DUI conviction.

• The Virginia DMV also requires I pay a license reinstatement fee along with proof of financial responsibility with a Virginia FR44 insurance policy that meets the state’s minimum auto insurance liability coverage limits.

My DUI defense in Chesterfield County, VA was the only reason I was able to secure the best possible scenario given my repeat DUI history. Mandatory minimum sentencing and more effective police enforcement means tougher times ahead for anyone facing a DUI in Virginia. I highly recommend you contact my law firm, Boone Beale, for a top-notch DUI defense in Chesterfield County, VA.