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Many DUI cases now involve meticulous investigative reconstruction painstakingly conducted by your DUI defense lawyer in Fairfax VA. Prior to building a strong DUI defense, your lawyer will spend countless hours chasing down documents, checking administrative procedural instructions, interviewing witnesses, confirming facts, and consulting with experts. And in the midst of this activity vital to your defense lay the modern bedrock of any criminal case – forensic evidence.

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The Virginia Department of Forensic Science in Richmond, VA, processed 60,000 individual pieces of evidence for criminal cases in 2013. Their results often illuminate the significance of physical evidence, and especially trace evidence, that can abruptly change the direction of any criminal case.

A DUI defense lawyer in Fairfax VA, with cutting-edge training and skills have the ability to provide a state-of-the art DUI defense that encompasses modern arguments and challenges to the prosecution’s case against you when critical emerging legal issues are in question.

Forensic analysis now operates on the molecular level. It also involves examining a staggering variety of electronic and digital communication, surveillance and data storage devices. At Boone Beale our eminently qualified DUI lawyers serving Fairfax County VA, have state-of-the-art education and training in forensic sciences and emerging technology as they impact the law, along with decades of expertise in Virginia and Constitutional law.

Right after your DUI arrest you need to find a DUI Defense Lawyer In Fairfax VA. Waste no time – call Boone Beale today to schedule your free case evaluation and get the legal help you need.

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DUI Defense Lawyer In Fairfax VA
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