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Are you fresh off a Virginia DUI arrest involving a car accident? Have you absorbed the flood of details, what ifs, and begun to plan your course of action? Step one is hiring a DUI lawyer in Manassas VA. Act quickly to find a local DUI lawyer to jump-start your criminal defense and make sure you have the best possible chance at a positive outcome.

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We’ve all heard DUI horror stories and seen the headlines, but until you get pulled or end up involved in a fatal car accident, you can’t really imagine how much your life will change after a DUI conviction. DUI cases are unique, like snowflakes, and so are the DUI lawyers serving Manassas, VA, clients facing DUI charges. As you read the recent Virginia DUI news stories below, think about what skills, qualities, credentials and qualifications will best meet your needs as you select a DUI lawyer in Manassas, VA:

Virginia Attorney Gets 9 Years for DUI and Manslaughter

Police video shows the defendant unable to stand on one foot or walk a straight line. At the scene his blood alcohol level measured 0.23, while the breathalyzer at the jail showed 0.15. He had one prior DUI arrest in 2012. He has lost his license to practice law.

Richmond Man Guilty of Felony Hit and Run, Involuntary Manslaughter for Fatal DUI Accident

Following a conviction on multiple criminal charges stemming from a drunk driving accident, a Richmond man was sentenced to five years for involuntary manslaughter, ten years with all ten suspended for felony hit-and-run, and twelve months all but five days suspended for DUI. The accident was filmed by closed-circuit TV. Clearly intoxicated according to police reports, the defendant pled guilty to all charges for the fatal DUI.

Journalist Arrested in Fatal Virginia DUI Crash

A prominent journalist was jailed without bond on charges of driving under the influence and causing a multi-vehicle crash that killed a Virginia man. Investigators found four empty beer cans in the vehicle and are awaiting forensic testing results and toxicology reports.

Regardless of the facts and circumstances in your DUI case, facing DUI and serious criminal charges demands the services of a DUI lawyer in Manassas VA, with the unique skills to best serve you and protect your rights. Call the uniquely qualified DUI lawyers in Manassas, VA, at the Boone Beale law firm for an exceptional drunk driving defense meticulously constructed just for you by DUI experts determined to succeed.