Loudoun Traffic Defense

On the surface, violations of traffic law in Loudoun County somehow don’t seem criminal. But facing conviction of charges such as the Virginia reckless driving or DUI laws, both class one misdemeanor criminal offenses, is quite serious. Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest you could spend time in jail.

A conviction in Loudoun County, VA traffic court can have far-reaching implications, including:

  • suspension or revocation of driving privileges
  • expensive fines, penalties, and administrative fees
  • an increase in auto insurance rates
  • possible demotion or loss of employment
  • higher cost of borrowing money for auto and other loans
  • possible driver improvement class

Traffic laws in Loudoun County have become more stringent as the county has grown. This year, the Commonwealth of Virginia legislature passed a law making texting and driving a primary offense which, when combined with excessive speed, results in a mandatory minimum fine of $250. Speeds over 80 mph, or driving 20 or more miles over the posted speed limit, constitute reckless driving.

There are six traffic violation categories that carry a hefty six point demerit against your license from the VA Division of Motor Vehicles in Loudon County:

  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Manslaughter
  • Habitual Offenders
  • Licenses/Permits
  • Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • Other Moving Violations

Read the specific section of the Virginia code you are charged with violating. It is crucial when preparing your defense. You must understand the specific elements that must be met to reach the burden of proof necessary to find you guilty as charged. Once you fully comprehend the law and the charges against you, review the facts, gather evidence, and prepare with precision and deliberation. A well-prepared defense may not result in case dismissal, but it paves the way for a win or a plea bargain to lesser charges or penalties.

When you are arrested for violating traffic law in Loudoun County, you have a lot at stake. Instead of facing court proceedings alone, contact the law firm of Boone Beale. Our attorneys have years of experience in the Virginia and Loudoun County court systems. We will learn your case, discover evidence, conduct interviews, and apply any legal precedent or technique needed to protect your rights and see you are afforded every opportunity under the law.