After a DUI in Loudoun County, VA – Go To DMV Online to Interact With Your Driving Record

After your DUI conviction in Loudoun County, VA you can access your driving record, view your points and violations, and even pay some tickets online. Just go to the DMV site Moving Violations and Point Assessments at This is the DMV portal you can use to track any changes in your driving record, view tickets, or learn about Driver Improvement Classes.

So, why is it important to go to DMV Online to interact with your driving record after a DUI in Loudoun County, VA? Simple – all roads lead to Rome, and if you want to get back on the wide open this is the place to find everything you need to comply with reinstatement requirements, pay fees and fines, and return to the simple freedoms of independent living once more.

The number of years your Loudoun County DUI conviction remains on your driving record depends on several factors relative to the charges below:

  • Driving after illegally consuming alcohol (under legal age of 21) (3 years)
  • Driving while intoxicated (11 years)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (11 years)
  • Refusing blood/breath test (11 years)

Notice only one conviction – DUI under the legal age of 21 – is a misdemeanor offense. The remaining crimes are considered felony offenses that remain on your driving record for 11 years. That is why it is important to keep an eye on your driving record after a Loudoun DUI.

According to the Loudoun County Website you can check the status of your case by visiting the Supreme Court’s website for Virginia. This is the database that holds critical information about your upcoming Loudoun County DUI court dates, the status of pleadings or appeals that may have been filed, and any court orders entered. If you prefer contact the Criminal Division by phone at 703-771-5610.

After your DUI in Loudoun County, VA do yourself justice and go to DMV Online to stay current with your Virginia driving record, court information, and DMV account status. If you have any questions contact the DUI legal defense specialists at Boone Beale. If you need answers or assistance we can help you manage the legalities of your Loudoun County DUI.