Immigration Law

Historically, immigration law has profoundly shaped American politics and culture. Today, immigration law is a dynamic field that encompasses several broad and constantly evolving areas of the law. This rapidly changing and complex landscape of interrelated laws can potentially affect visitors, students, employers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and others seeking to obtain immigration benefits in the United States of America.

Furthermore, cognizant of the federal government’s renewed focus on immigration compliance, it is important for corporations and individuals alike to beware of the potentially stiff penalties they face for noncompliance with the multitude of laws and regulations that govern their immigration status in the United States.

For businesses, such compliance efforts can range from relatively simple I-9 compliance to more complex legal issues involved in corporate mergers and acquisitions. Individual immigrants, on the other hand, face the risk of being deported from the United States, among other possible sanctions, if they fail to maintain lawful immigration status or otherwise violate the laws of the United States. No matter what challenges you face, our talented attorneys can help you develop a sound legal defense to avoid any possible deportation.

At Boone Beale, we proudly represent both corporate and individual clients in all fifty states and around the world. Our portfolio of services includes employment, business and family based immigration, and related administrative and regulatory compliance matters.

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Nonimmigrant or Temporary Visa Classifications

The F-1 Visa allows international students to pursue their education in the United States as a full-time students at an accredited college, university, high school or other academic institution. According to the immigration regulations, the foreign student must be enrolled in a full course of study that ends with the conferral of a degree, diploma or certificate. (Read More)

Green Card or Permanent Residency Classifications

There are several ways to become a permanent resident, or green card holder, in the United States, depending on whether you are currently situated inside or outside the United States. Some of the major green card categories include: Employment based green card, Family based green card (this includes marriage based green cards), Investment based green card and Refugee or asylee. (Read More)

Issues After Acquiring Green Card

While your application for Adjustment of Status (AOD), Form I-485, is pending, you must not leave the United States for any reason until you have received permission to reenter the United States in the form of advance parole. Failure to do so will result in abandonment of your green card application. (Read More)

Immigration Fraud and Material Misrepresentation

The immigration laws of the United States provide for severe penalties, including potential lifetime exclusion from the United States, for those who try to procure immigration benefits through fraud or misrepresentation. Examples of immigration fraud or misrepresentation include using a false name, date of birth, or marriage fraud to obtain a visa or entry into the United States or change/adjustment of status. (Read More)