How to beat a Fairfax VA DUI

How to beat a Fairfax VA DUI? Each year, thousands of people in Fairfax, VA go to trial with DUI charges. Although the number is quite high for a single county, not everyone who got accused was found guilty. But when found guilty, the maximum punishment for a first-time offense can be severe. Maximum punishment includes loss of driving privileges for a year, a hefty fine of $2500, and up to one year of jail time. But in most cases, a person does not have to serve more than 48 hours of jail time if the following happened:

  1. Your driving record and history are clean and your license still valid
  2. You were cooperative with the officer who did the DUI stop
  3. If your behavior wasn’t obnoxious and there was no accident

Although these are some examples of points considered when being sentenced, the main problem is the suspension of the license of one year as stated by Virginia law. Virginia’s reckless driving and DUI laws are more severe than other states.

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When charged with a DUI, you should hire a Fairfax, VA drunk driving lawyer to help fight your case. Your lawyer will tell you the necessary information you will need to beat the DUI charge and what to expect. Some angles a lawyer will take to challenge a DUI charge are the following:

  1. Challenging the Preliminary breath test. Officers will use a PBT as a means to measure the blood alcohol content of the stopped person. But certain laws will help your case. If the officer did not calibrate the PBT device, or if the device is not on the state’s list of approved devices then your argument will be bolstered.
  2. Challenging the field sobriety test. If the instructions of the police officer were not clear or if they did not show you how to do the moves properly when they administered the test because how you did the test is crucial.

When you get charged with DUI in Fairfax, VA, hire a drunk driving lawyer to fight your case because a first-time charge can be severe. Consider the points above to help you beat a Fairfax VA DUI charge.