Fairfax VA DUI Lawyer

Fairfax VA DUI Lawyer

Find A Fairfax VA DUI Lawyer After Your Arrest

It is essential to find a good Fairfax DUI lawyer after your DUI arrest. Time is short. Regardless of your finances, guilt or innocence, or feelings, there are things you can do now to prepare as your hearing approaches:

• Document what happened. Record the facts as you see them.
• Obtain a no-charge consultation with a Fairfax DUI lawyer or two.
• Start one file with legal documents and one for your notes.
• Get a copy of your driving record.
• Gather letters of support and prior commendations.

What To Avoid When Choosing a Fairfax VA DUI Lawyer

Here are some of the red flags to watch for as you interview your potential Fairfax DUI lawyer:

• Disciplinary history with the Virginia Bar
• Unsubstantiated claims of Virginia DUI experience or embellished competency in DUI defense
• Lack of formal training in standardized DUI procedural practices, such as Field Sobriety Tests, the Intoximeter ECIR II breathalyzer used in Virginia, or scientific tests used in laboratories and hospitals
• A reliance on the guilty plea or a presumption of guilt
• A losing trial win ratio in Fairfax DUI defense cases

What To Expect From A Competent Fairfax VA DUI Lawyer

A competent Fairfax DUI lawyer listens. They gather facts and evidence to support your best defense. A competent Fairfax DUI attorney brings trial experience, legal resources, and knowledge of the Fairfax DUI landscape that is crucial for your case. They spend the time and make the effort to understand you and your specific circumstances.

Carefully evaluating your case and securing vital evidence is important. A competent Fairfax DUI attorney works with witnesses, experts, and prosecutors to analyze your arrest, flesh out procedural details, and find legal avenues to pursue when determining your DUI defense. This allows them to construct legal scenarios, identify relevant statutory and constitutional law, and develop a strategy to negotiate your best possible outcome, sometimes without going to trial.

You need a solid DUI defense. A Boone Beale Fairfax DUI lawyer has the skills and experience that make you feel confident. They can save you time, money, and years of heartache. They will fight for your rights and exercise every legal angle to build a DUI defense strategy unique to your case.

Call a Boone Beale Fairfax DUI lawyer today at 703-690-1222 and get the DUI defense in Fairfax you deserve.