Facts to Review with a Reputable, Experienced DUI Attorney in Your Loudoun County, VA DUI Case

It is easy to overlook details in the torrent of information and images we face today. However, there are instances where details make a critical difference in determining the path of your life.

If you were arrested for a DUI in Loudoun County, VA, review the details and facts of your case with a reputable, experienced DUI attorney familiar with the Loudoun County judicial system.

A DUI arrest is not the same as a DUI conviction. Strong defense techniques can carefully craft arguments using carefully evaluated facts and details to prepare a solid defense in your Loudoun County DUI case. Listed below are some examples.

  1. Field sobriety tests. These tests range from saying a segment of the alphabet backwards, pointing to your nose, standing on one leg, or walking a straight line. While an officer can make an arrest based on these field test results alone, the officer’s interpretation of the results can be challenged in the courtroom. The events between the scene of your Loudoun County, VA DUI stop, the precise administration of tests, and the conduct of the officer involved are all factors that a creative DUI lawyer will evaluate when building your defense.
  2. Breathalyzer results can be admitted as evidence if proper procedures were followed, the testing equipment is properly maintained, and the officer conducting the test is properly trained.
  3. Blood test results are the primary evidence used by the prosecution to win a Loudoun County, VA DUI conviction. Virginia law has specific procedures for administering DUI tests. If discrepancies exist between on-site testing and legally mandated procedures, those test results can be excluded from the Commonwealth’s case against you..
  4. The arresting officer’s conduct. From the initial stop, through various DUI tests and your arrest, officer conduct may present an opportunity for a successful Loudoun County, VA DUI defense. Virginia law mandates officers follow specific procedures to protect individual constitutional rights. Any deviation can provide a valid defense against a prosecutor’s DUI charge and possibly result in dismissal of all charges in your DUI case.

The combination of legal framework, improved medical test results, and the penetration of applied forensic science are all reasons why hiring an attorney knowledgeable about DUI cases is the best choice in presenting a successful DUI defense. If you are facing a Loudoun County, VA DUI charge, schedule your appointment with an experienced Boone Beale DUI defense attorney today to be sure your case is well defended and your individual rights are protected.