How an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Fairfax, VA Can Help Your Defense

The Fairfax County General District Court has three divisions: Civil/Small Claims, Criminal, and Traffic. The Criminal Division is responsible for all Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal and Traffic Appeal cases. In all of these cases, the Commonwealth of Virginia is the Complainant and the person charged with the offense is the Defendant.

Misdemeanor Criminal Appeals may include Petty Larceny, Shoplifting, and Prostitution. Felony cases may include: Robbery, Grand Larceny, Rape, Murder, and Carjacking

If you have been accused of a criminal offense in Fairfax County you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax, VA on your side. The most important action you can take following a criminal charge in Virginia is to immediately contact a Virginia criminal defense lawyer. You need a Virginia criminal defense attorney that has the experience necessary to fight for your rights.

An experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA can handle all kinds of criminal defense cases ranging from simple assault or drug charges to white collar crime and capital murder. Find a Fairfax criminal defense attorney with the resources, talent, and expertise required to defend your case. When you need legal representation, hire the best criminal defense attorney you can afford.

The Fairfax County, VA Court offers a booklet “Administrative Procedures of the Fairfax County General District Court Governing Court Practice and Procedures” which outlines court procedures. You can find specific General District Court case information online for criminal cases at

If you are unsure which law firm to hire, contact the Fairfax County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 703-246-3780 or, if you live outside of Fairfax County, the Virginia State Bar Association maintains a Lawyer Referral Service at 800-552-7977. Get a Fairfax County, VA criminal defense attorney who can best represent your case in court and win.

If you need further information regarding appeals, motions, continuance, administrative court forms, or other procedural matters, go to, or contact a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax, VA who will best represent your interests in court.