What to Expect From Your DUI Lawyer in Fairfax, VA

If you are one of the thousands of drivers charged with Virginia DUI over the recent holidays, you need an experienced DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA to secure the best possible results in your case. Remember, just because you are charged with a Virginia DUI does not mean you are guilty. Your guilt or innocence will be determined in court, not by the arresting officer, your attorney or the prosecutor.

With all the variables involved in your specific case, you need a skilled DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA you can trust completely to represent you. DUI lawyers in Northern Virginia work for your best interests and are bound by client-attorney privilege to keep all of your personal information confidential. They have years or legal training and “boots on the ground” experience in the Fairfax court system they can put to work on your behalf.

A proven DUI lawyer in Fairfax County will provide their clients with the highest quality legal representation, innovative legal solutions, and an incomparable dedication to customer service excellence above all else. The higher the standards of your DUI attorney’s legal work, the better their ability to earn a reputation as a trusted agent for clients facing the uncertainties of a DUI case.

When meeting with your DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA you will provide basic personal information and your recollection of pertinent details leading up to, during, and immediately after your arrest. This will include the police report, court documents denoting the charges against you, upcoming court dates, bail papers, and any paperwork relative to search and seizure.

A seasoned Fairfax DUI lawyer will review and discuss the following with you at your initial meeting:

• Develop a written account of events before, during, and after your DUI arrest
• List of witnesses or co-defendants
• Your prior criminal record
• Questions you have for your DUI lawyer
• Costs and payment options for your DUI defense
• Issues that may arise based on the specifics of your case
• DUI defense strategies

Critical to a successful outcome in your Virginia DUI is knowing what to expect from your DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA. With this basic guideline, you have a foundation to select the best DUI lawyer to represent you in court.