Establish a Strong DUI Defense in Henrico County, VA

If you took a breath or blood test at a Henrico County, VA DUI stop and the results show your blood alcohol content (BAC) was over the legal limit, you are not automatically guilty. Challenging your DUI defense in Henrico County, VA will encompass the machines, people and procedures that conduct these tests – none are resistant to mistake. There are many cases of law review that show multiple reasons for inaccurate test results, including:

  • Human error in administering or interpreting test results
  • Inadequate or lack of certified training of operators
  • Faulty readings from various types of interference
  • Individual variables in your DUI case, including your:
    • age
    • height
    • weight
    • diet
    • gender
    • and drinking habits
  • Your medical or health circumstances
  • and the effects of any medications you take

Establish a Strong DUI Defense in Henrico County, VA
DWI laws, statutes and regulations provide avenues to directly challenge your DUI arrest charges by disproving the accuracy, use, or maintenance of the breath machine or your test results. A skilled, experienced Henrico County, VA DUI attorney will make the best use of multiple arguments in your case.

Law enforcement is required to follow specific procedures administering the tests. The equipment must meet certain legal standards. All breathalyzers must be calibrated and tested. They have to be certified by the Department of Forensic Science of Virginia, and anyone using them must hold a valid operator license. If any of these can be called into question then the results of breathalyzers and other tests may be found inadmissible in court.

How a DUI Defense Lawyer in Henrico County, VA Can Help
A Henrico County, VA DUI defense attorney experienced in handling these cases can help you challenge not only breath or blood test results, but also other evidence the prosecution will use to convict you. Your DUI defense lawyer can also challenge:

  • The initial reasons for your DUI stop – was probable cause legally established?
  • Field sobriety test results – are there circumstances or facts that make results unreliable?
  • Observations at the scene of your DUI arrest in Hanover – were accurate conclusions made by the arresting officer?

DUI punishments in Virginia are serious and include the loss of your driver’s license, possible jail time, an alcohol program, an ignition interlock device in your vehicle and heavy fines. With the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney, you may be able to have the DUI charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Being arrested and charged with drunk driving does not mean you are guilty. A strong DUI defense in Henrico County, VA is based on the experience and expertise of your criminal defense attorney. For a solid DUI defense in Henrico County, VA, contact the law offices of Boone Beale.