DUI Richmond Virginia

Why let a DUI conviction in Richmond, VA destroy your career, family, and life?

First Time DUI Arrest in Richmond, VA
The top three primary circumstances that lead to a first DUI arrest include:

First-Hand DUI Crime Observation
The most common factor leading to a first DUI arrest is an eyewitness. If a police officer sees a traffic violation or a driver exhibiting impaired driving symptoms, they can pull the vehicle for suspicion of DUI. After field sobriety testing and/or portable breath testing to measure blood alcohol content (BAC), a DUI arrest may be made.

The Primary Probable Cause for a First DUI Offense – Driver Behavior
If evidence leads a police officer to believe you are involved in a crime, that is probable cause for arrest. “Probable Cause” DUI arrests happen when you are seen driving erratically. This gives sufficient grounds for a DUI charge.

DUI Arrest Warrants in Richmond, VA
A judge can issue an arrest warrant if a police officer submits a sworn statement outlining the decision for your arrest. The warrant identifies your alleged crime, where you may be found, and gives permission for your arrest.

What Happens After a First DUI Arrest in Richmond
Once you arrive at the police station you are formally booked. This includes recording details about you and the crime you are accused of committing. Fingerprints and a photograph are taken. Personal property, including keys and wallet, are confiscated until your release, unless held as evidence in your case.

Bail may be posted, or you can be released on your own recognizance if you sign a promise to appear at court. More complicated cases may require you stay in jail until your bail hearing. Be aware – when you are arrested and charged with DUI, the clock starts. You have precious little time to hire a lawyer to successfully defend you in court.

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