DUI Richmond VA

When your vehicle is stopped at a sobriety checkpoint for DUI in Richmond, Virginia, your behavior and circumstantial factors influence the progression of events and impact your defense in court. That’s why it is important to understand what to expect after your arrest at a sobriety checkpoint for DUI in Richmond, VA.

Facts About Checkpoints, Roadblocks, and DUI Law
A sobriety checkpoint is a traffic stop that helps police officers identify motorists operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI). Typically, sobriety checkpoints are staged to coincide with times when people drive after consuming too much alcohol.

Every detail of a sobriety checkpoint, from location to protocols, is strictly regulated. Each checkpoint plan is approved in writing and followed precisely. Procedural errors can taint a sobriety checkpoint and render it unconstitutional. That means your arrest is illegal, giving grounds for your case to be dismissed.

Understand Rights and Protocols At a Richmond DUI Sobriety Checkpoint
Know what to expect If you are arrested at a sobriety checkpoint or roadblock for DUI in the Richmond, VA area.

• Your words can be used against you in a court of law
• Vehicles are stopped at random by law enforcement
• You are not initially suspected of DUI
• Follow police instructions carefully
• When asked, provide your driver’s license and proof of insurance
• Probable cause must be established
• The arresting officer will ask you perform field sobriety tests and take a preliminary breath test.
• A more accurate blood-alcohol test is administered at the enforcement facility, where you will be arrested and formally charged with DUI

Complicated DUI laws in Virginia carry harsh penalties: costly fines, suspended or revoked driving privileges, an ignition interlock device, VASAP driver education classes, and possible jail sentences.

There are a variety of legal techniques an aggressive, experienced DUI attorney can use to establish a well-constructed criminal defense. Contact a DUI defense lawyer with Boone Beale immediately to get a successful legal outcome after your security checkpoint arrest for DUI in Richmond, VA.