DUI Prince William County, Virginia

DUI laws in Virginia are punishing. The legal blood-alcohol content (BAC) limit is 0.08. From there, the higher your BAC and the more statutes you are accused of breaking, the more severe your potential penalties.
Punishments, Penalties and Fines Following DUI convictions in Virginia
The punishments for DUI in Prince William County can change your life. This table shows mandatory minimum DUI penalties (based on BAC) for conviction of Virginia DUI charges. Judges will consider your driving record and any history of criminal behavior.

BAC level

First-Time Offense

Second-Time   Offense

Third-Time Offense
(felony conviction)

BAC ≥ 0.08
  •   Mandatory minimum $250 fine
  •   One year driver’s license revocation
    •   Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program   (VASAP) for probation supervision and to reinstate license privileges



  •   Mandatory minimum $500 fine
  •   Revoked driver’s license for three years
  •   Possible jail time up to one year
  •   Mandatory minimum 10 day jail term (if   second offense occurs within 10 years)
  •   Mandatory minimum 20 day jail term (if   second offense occurs within five years)
  •   Mandatory indefinite driver’s license   revocation (within 10 years of prior DUI convictions)
  •   Mandatory minimum $1,000 fine
  •   Mandatory minimum six-month jail term   (within five years of prior convictions)
  •   Mandatory minimum 90-day jail term (within   10 years of prior convictions)
  •   Permanent surrender of your vehicle (within   10 years of prior convictions)
BAC 0.15 ≤ 0.20
  •   Mandatory minimum five-day jail term
  •   Mandatory minimum $250 fine
  •   One year driver’s license revocation


   Mandatory 10 day jail term    Virginia DUI law does not specify   additional penalties for with BAC ≤ 0.15   percent
BAC 0.20<
  •   Mandatory minimum 10 day jail term



  •   Additional 20 day jail term
  •   with a minor in the car on your second   offense, add at a minimum an additional five days to your jail term
  •   Additional $500 to $1,000 fine.
  •   Second DUI with a minor passenger adds 80   hours of community service
   The same penalties as your third offense   apply, plus a mandatory minimum one-year jail term

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