DUI In Vienna VA – Under-Age Drinking and Driving

The drinking age in Virginia is 21. If your teenager is caught drinking underage while driving in Vienna VA, s/he will most certainly be charged with a DUI in Vienna VA. Vienna VA’s law enforcement and the State of Virginia take underage drunk driving very seriously. While drivers under 21 represent only 10% of all drivers on Virginia roads, they are responsible -according to one study- for 14% of all drunk-driving related fatalities.

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That’s why penalties for teens convicted with a DUI in Vienna VA are stiff – worse than penalties for the over 21 crowd. They are meant to teach a lesson that the teenager will never forget and to deter future DUIs. Vienna VA court systems mete out penalties of imprisonment, license suspension, and monetary fines.

What constitutes drinking? If your teenager has had one drop, that’s enough to get them arrested for a DUI. Vienna VA, like every city and state in the country, has a zero tolerance policy. The blood alcohol content (BAC) for adults is .08 but for those under 21, the BAC is anything above zero.

Your teenager’s problems do not stop there. There likely will be additional charges: minor possession of alcohol, distribution to minors if passengers are involved, solicitation of alcohol, possibly possession of false identification (use of a fake ID) and the list doesn’t end.

This is not treated as a light teenage transgression. You’ll need a real defense. If your teenager is convicted of a DUI in Vienna VA, the conviction will follow them for the rest of their life possibly impacting college admissions decisions, early job prospects, and insurance options. Only if the case is dropped or dismissed will your teenager be able to get the record expunged.

Boone Beale provides expert defense for a DUI in Vienna VA. We will mount a strong defense for your teenager. You’ll want lawyers that have been around the block more than a few times with DUI and DWI laws. Contact Boone Beale today.

DUI In Vienna VA

DUI In Vienna VA
DUI In Vienna VA