DUI Defense Prince William County, Virginia

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Time is vital in preparing your DUI defense. Higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels (at or above a .15) and repeat offenses carry more severe penalties, such as mandatory prison terms and license revocation. Refusal to take a breathalyzer or blood test in Virginia can increase legal penalties due to the implied consent rule. The stakes are high. An experienced DUI defense lawyer is critical to your future.

DUI Defense Preparation in Prince William County, VA
Police make observations, and mistakes, when targeting vehicles that may be driven by impaired drivers. Signs of alcohol or drug impairment can also be indicators of unrelated factors, such as legal medication, vehicle mechanical problems, or a change in driver health.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Boone Beale law firm are skilled in DUI defense representation in Prince William County. From the details of your DUI traffic stop to post-hearing procedures, your Boone Beale lawyer works hard to examine your arrest, evaluate procedural and technical details, and present your best possible case in court.

DUI cases in Virginia often involve one or more related offenses:

• Open Container
• Under Age 21 Purchasing, Possessing or Consuming Alcohol
• Breath Test Refusal
• Driving on a Suspended License
• Transporting Children While Under the Influence
• Driving with a suspended license
• Texting While Driving
• Possession of narcotics
• Providing Alcoholic Beverages to Those Under Age 21

The Commonwealth’s prosecution is legally required to meet the burden of proof outlined in the DUI laws of Virginia to win a conviction. Some possible DUI defense arguments include:

• Negotiating reduced DUI charges
• Challenging technicalities
• Successfully questioning the original cause for a traffic stop so any resulting charges, including DUI in Prince William County, are dismissed.
• Requesting dismissal because of inconsistencies in witness testimony or procedural process.
• Proving testing device malfunction
• Proving you did not receive proper legal notification of a license hearing and requesting license suspension dismissal.

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