DUI Defense in Loudoun County, VA

You need an experienced DUI defense in Loudoun County, VA constructed by an experienced DUI attorney who has an objective perspective and thousands of hours in the courtrooms of Loudoun County. The sooner you talk to an attorney to review all the details leading up to and following your DUI arrest, and to determine what defenses may apply in your case, the sooner you can begin planning a strong DUI defense for your Loudoun County case.

While a successful DUI attorney will have explore a variety of defense arguments in your DUI case, following are several reliable defense tactics your DUI defense lawyer can consider:

Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and medical science consider touching your finger to your nose, or saying the alphabet, or counting backwards, as invalid field sobriety tests.

The manufacturers of portable breath testing devices require a minimum of two separate tests to consider the results admissible as evidence.

Many standard grocery and cosmetic products contain various forms of alcohol which can cause false test results. Be aware of items such as cough drops, liquid medications, paints, asthma spray, and fingernail polish. They are known to invalidate breath results.

Weather reports can establish high winds, low driver visibility, excessive rain or snowfall, and other circumstances that influence poor driving or poor balance.

An experienced DUI defense attorney in Loudoun County, VA can make a winning difference in the outcome of your DUI case. Call Boone Beale today.