DUI Defense In Vienna VA: Saving Your License

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in Vienna VA, what is your best course of action to avoid losing your license? The single best thing you can do is hire an attorney that specializes in DUI defense in Vienna VA. The courts may appoint you an attorney, but you risk having an attorney that is not well acquainted with DUI laws – and indeed, scientific knowledge – required to put up a successful defense.

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Next, you’ll want to make sure that you convey everything that happened at the time of the arrest to your DUI defense attorney. Try to recall for your attorney everything that was said, procedures taken, and how those procedures were conducted. What did the officer say was the reason for the stop? This is very important because an officer must have probable cause to stop you and must be able to communicate that reason. If not, then this may be grounds for motion to suppress evidence based on an unconstitutional stop. Be sure to tell your attorney about anything that felt strange or not quite right at the time. What did they say about your breathalyzer results or blood alcohol level? There may be other procedural issues that can be challenged.

You will also want to recount everything about your day to your attorney. To mount a sound defense, your attorney will need to be apprised of everything you did in the hours before your arrest. A minute by minute account is not too much. Everything from your whereabouts to what you ate and when, what you drank and when, when you stopped drinking, when you got behind the wheel, whether you took a known route or a new one, were you taking any medication and when had you taken it. No detail is too small or unimportant.

When you are arrested, your license will be automatically suspended for seven days. This is called an Administrative License Suspension. It’s very important that you do not drive during this period as this a criminal offense and you risk losing your license for a very long time. Under a narrow set of circumstances, this suspension can be challenged as part of your DUI defense. Vienna VA courts will hear these motions however, in most cases this is a situation that must be tolerated before your case can be brought to a judge. You can trust Boone Beale to steer you through this often confusing period. Being cooperative and adhering to the rules of the process will work in your favor.