DUI Defense Fairfax Va

Have you recently experienced the unfolding nightmare of a DUI arrest? Contact the DUI experts at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law, for a first-rate, comprehensive DUI defense in Fairfax VA. Since 1980 the DUI defense team at Boone Beale has successfully represented thousands of clients throughout Virginia in an environment of increasingly tough DUI legal enforcement, providing each with a thoroughly investigated and meticulously crafted DUI defense.

Fairfax, VA residents and anyone charged with a DUI in Fairfax County will get excellent legal representation from our highly-rated Boone Beale DUI lawyers. As members of the National College of DUI Defense, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, we remain at the forefront of changing developments in the law, science, and technology that will ultimately influence the outcome of your case.

We scrutinize many elements of every DUI case, analyzing specific details to best understand how they interact within the framework of the law. With specialized training in breath alcohol toxicology, controlled substances, trace evidence, digital and multimedia evidence, and related forensics, the Boone Beale DUI lawyers will diligently and meticulously prepare your strongest DUI defense in Fairfax, VA.

Even when you’re feeling lost or hopeless, there are significant challenges we can make to question the legitimacy and accuracy of the evidence against you, including:

• Did the forensics laboratory properly handle the evidence in your DUI case?

• Were there mechanical, computer or human errors involved the evidence analysis?

• Did the arresting officer follow every procedure properly?

• Are there extenuating circumstances that may have affected your driving behavior?

Time is wasting. Contact an effective Boone Beale DUI lawyer now to begin building a DUI defense in Fairfax VA to minimize penalties, reduce your charges, or potentially have your case dismissed. At Boone Beale you’ll be in the very capable hands of an experienced DUI defense lawyer who not only cares about the outcome of your case, but will do what is necessary to obtain your best results in the Fairfax court system.