Current Facts About DWI in Fairfax, VA

Current facts about DWI in Fairfax, VA still support intensive law enforcement efforts to eradicate alcohol-related traffic accidents. In their annual Commonwealth of Virginia Traffic Crash Facts Report for 2012 the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Highway Safety Office reported 229 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes in Virginia, a 6.53 percent decrease from 2011. Other statewide facts include:

  • 14 teenagers, aged 15-19, were killed in alcohol-related crashes, 1.81 percent of total (775) traffic fatalities.
  • 5,861 people were injured in alcohol-related crashes, a 7.25 percent increase from 2011.
  • The average BAC of tested drinking drivers was 0.1397
  • 22,531 people were tested with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or greater, a(n) 3.95 percent decrease from 2011
  • 28,719 persons were convicted of DUI, a 1.98 percent increase from 2011
  • Of those convicted of DUI, 77.20 percent were male and 22.80 percent were female
  • Death is almost 10 times more likely when alcohol is involved in the crash.

In Fairfax County specifically, 910 alcohol-related crashes were reported with eight fatalities and 594 injuries.DWI in Fairfax, VA is still a lethal hazard, which is why law enforcement efforts are heightened and the risks of being stopped and charged with DWI in Fairfax are so costly.

The greatest tragedy of DWI in Fairfax County is that the overwhelming majority of people injured or killed in alcohol-related vehicle crashes have not been drinking. 85.4 percent of those killed in fatal alcohol-related accidents had not consumed alcohol or drugs. This is why DUI laws in Virginia are some of the most severe in the country.

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