Criminal Defense Attorneys of Richmond & Woodbridge, VA

Flashing red lights. Handcuffs. People pointing and watching your every move. When you or someone you love is arrested for a criminal offense in Virginia, it’s hard not to keep replaying these images in your head. The sad truth is that even if the case ends up being dismissed or the charges against you are dropped, you’ll never forget the criminal arrest. But even during this time of despair, there is a place you can turn to for help. The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Boone Beale know what you are going through. Since 1980, our law firm has dedicated itself to representing individuals accused of committing crimes.

The most important action for you to take following a criminal charge in Virginia is to immediately contact a Richmond and Woodbridge, Virginia criminal defense lawyer. You can’t possibly be expected to handle an allegation that you committed a crime alone. Because your nerves are probably on edge, it’s best to leave your case in the hands of experience – someone who will remain cool, calm, and collected even while you may not be. In other words, you need a Virginia criminal defense attorney that has the experience necessary to fight for your rights.

The sooner you contact us, the better. Don’t let memories fade, witnesses disappear, or evidence get lost over time. The more time we have to prepare your defense, the stronger it will be when we go to court.

How we can help?
Our experienced and skilled criminal defense attorneys handle all kinds of criminal defense cases. We have handled thousands of Virginia Criminal Cases over the years ranging from simple assault or drug charges to white collar crime and capital murder. We have the resources, talent, and expertise necessary to fight your case. Don’t settle for a plea bargaining attorney – hire an attorney who knows how to fight! A pretty good attorney is no better than a pretty good brain surgeon. After all, your life is on the line!

Why you need legal representation:
The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to our legal system. Your busy life includes work, friends, family, and other commitments, so how can you be expected to keep up with ever-changing criminal laws? Leave that work to us. Criminal Defense in particular is a very complex area of law – one that requires constant monitoring, studying, and crafting. Hundreds of cases are ruled on by the courts that have jurisdiction over Virginia criminal matters alone. You may know that you “have the right to remain silent, and anything you say can be used against you” from Miranda v. Arizona (your Miranda Warning). Do you know when the Miranda ruling applies? There is constant legal argument as to when someone is “in the custody” of the Police so as to trigger the Miranda Warning. You need an experienced Virginia defense attorney to help you navigate the complex legal system.

Call us, talk to us. We offer free consultations in person or over the phone. We can answer your questions and help you start on the road to getting you your life back. We have offices in Richmond and Woodbridge, Virginia, and serve all counties from York County to Bristol County and from Fairfax County to Emporia County.