Criminal Defense Lawyer Loudoun, VA

Call a highly-rated Criminal Defense Lawyer in Loudoun County, VA just after your arrest or subpoena service in a criminal investigation, because time is critical during these first few days after criminal accusations are filed.

Following your arrest by the Police or Sheriff’s Department, or any one of a number of federal law enforcement agencies, or you receive a citation to appear in court, you need a competent, efficient, thorough criminal defense lawyer in Loudoun County, VA to act swiftly on your behalf. The more time your lawyer has to gather evidence, testimony, and facts, the stronger your defense.

The clock starts once the County Attorney’s Office receives a report by the arresting officer. They evaluate the facts, circumstances and evidence in your criminal case and determine if their is sufficient proof for your case to proceed. Once you are taken into custody the law mandates you be taken before a judge within 24 hours. This initial appearance verifies you were properly charged, that the correct complaint and affidavit are on file, that your criminal defense attorney is recorded, and that a date is set for your preliminary hearing.

The arraignment is the formal accusation where you enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. You do not need to be in court if your criminal defense attorney in Loudoun County, VA has already filed a written arraignment.

To win a conviction, the Commonwealth’s Prosecutor has the burden to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. During any point in the criminal justice process a savvy criminal defense lawyer in Loudoun County, VA can present a defense argument to raise reasonable doubt. Your attorney has a right to “discover” the Commonwealth’s evidence in your criminal case. Discovery includes viewing evidentiary documents and taking depositions, or interviews under oath, of any witness. Armed with legal knowledge, procedural options, medical and technical forensic training and years of experience presenting convincing arguments to judges, juries, witnesses, and court personnel, your reputable Boone Beale criminal defense lawyer in Loudoun County, VA diligently constructs a penetrating legal defense for your best possible results.

To avoid harsh mandatory sentences and the possibility of a criminal record, parole and probation, contact a qualified Boone Beale criminal defense lawyer in Loudoun County, VA to protect your rights and present every possible argument to establish reasonable doubt. A cutting-edge Boone Beale criminal defense lawyer in Loudoun County, VA delivers exceptional legal services, terrific personal care, and the best possible outcome in your criminal case.