The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA Gets the Right Results

A qualified, specially trained criminal defense lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA defends ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances who are accused of “crimes against the person, crimes against property and crimes against society” in Virginia. Violent crimes, sexual crimes, white collar crimes and drug crimes are included, as are robbery, hate crimes, motor vehicle incidents, homicide, arson and assault.

The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program Incident Based Report for 2012 was prepared by the Virginia State Police using provisional, estimated statewide population counts provided by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at The University of Virginia. It counts 418,351 criminal incidents reported in the Commonwealth of Virginia during 2012 – with one crime occurring every 76 seconds. That is a steady stream of people in Virginia who need an articulate, sophisticated criminal defense lawyer, especially Chesterfield County residents facing serious criminal charges at this very moment.

Today, there is a vast body of state and federal law that codifies and outlines corresponding penalties for a comprehensive range of various criminal behaviors. An overwhelming majority of people defended in criminal trials receive guilty verdicts. This is why selecting the right criminal defense lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA is so crucial to fighting for your criminal rights and arguing your case to strategically demonstrate reasonable doubt in the Commonwealth’s prosecution against you.

Employing an array of knowledge about legal, forensic, scientific and other high-tech tools, the criminal defense lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA best-equipped to bring you success in court is well-trained, fully-experienced, and meticulously prepared for every step in the legal process and any curveballs that may throw your case in another direction. Trust your criminal defense lawyer with every detail and fact, and work diligently together to investigate each and every scrap of evidence or idea that could potentially break your case wide open.

The talented team of criminal defense attorneys at Boone Beale, including former Commonwealth’s prosecutors, firmly believes in the core assumption of our legal tradition – that an individual, regardless of social or economic status, is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Since 1980, our law firm has been at the forefront of representing individuals accused of serious criminal acts ranging from simple assaults to capital murders. We have the necessary experience, resources and talent to effectively fight your case. Call an exceptional Boone Beale criminal defense lawyer in Chesterfield County, VA for results when they count.