Which Criminal Attorney in Fairfax VA to Choose?

One criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA could change your life. The question you have to answer is, “Which one?”

Nothing is as important to the positive outcome of your criminal arrest as an exceptional, experienced criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA to provide top-notch legal representation on your behalf. The very course of your life will be in the hands of the criminal justice system. And for most of us, that is like visiting a foreign land. If you are new to the criminal justice system and need a criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA to navigate the complexities of the legal process, here are some tips to help identify the one criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA that is right for you.

• Does this criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA listen to you? Ask you questions? Explain in understandable terms what to expect?

• Which criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA has the most experience in the Fairfax courts that parallels your case, exhibiting the most distinct similarities to yours?

• Look for industry awards, ratings and certifications, involvement in legal education and legal organizations, and peer recognitions.

• Find a no-charge initial case consultation (expect 15 – 30 minutes at most), with more time available at regular rates.

• What style of representation should you expect from your criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA – a direct relationship, a team-based or partnership arrangement, or a full-service legal firm in Fairfax?

• Understand and be comfortable with the lawyer’s attitude, philosophy and style.

• Establish an expected timetable — when to anticipate significant developments, and a detailed agreement with protocols for critical and necessary communication for both parties.

• Verify all legal credentials and any disciplinary history with the Virginia State Bar website before you sign on the dotted line.

The lawyer’s fee agreement lists the services your criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA will perform and the type and amount of fees you are expected to pay in return. The agreement will also contain details regarding how associated costs (out-of-pocket case-related expenses) will be handled and billed. Finally, it will note interest or other charges levied against unpaid amounts and remedies in the event of contract default.

When your future is on the line and you need to find that one criminal attorney in Fairfax, VA you can trust to deliver the most effective litigation and legal services, contact the criminal defense experts at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law. We are the trusted criminal attorneys in Fairfax, VA for your best criminal defense.