Common legal infractions that can lead to a DUI in Fairfax VA

When charged with driving under the influence, or DUI in Fairfax VA, the penalties are can be severe if the prosecutor has enough evidence to convict you. The maximum punishment can range from suspension of driving privileges for a year, a year of jail time, and a big sum of $2500.00. Those are heavy punishments for a first-time sentence! Certain legal violations can lead to DUI charges in Fairfax, VA and should be considered.

For an officer to do a DUI in Fairfax VA stop on you, you have to disobey certain traffic etiquette:

  1. Disobeying traffic signs
  2. Swerving
  3. Not staying properly in lane
  4. Slow driving

These are the signs that raise red flags and give the officer the right to do DUI stop and in turn do a series of sobriety tests. Common field sobriety tests used in Fairfax, VA are reciting the alphabet, nine-step walk and turn, standing on one leg, and the nystagmus test.. While these are the physical tests, the preliminary breath test, also known as the breathalyzer test, will use a PBT machine to measure your blood alcohol content. While these are the tools that equip officers to charge you with DUI, Fairfax, VA DUI lawyers will use the authenticity of the tests and other laws to help you with your case. Your DUI jail sentence will be no longer than 48 hours if:

  1. Blood alcohol level is less than .14
  2. If your records show no DUI charge
  3. You were cooperative with the officer during the DUI stop
  4. If your driving record is clean and your license valid
  5. The attitude of the judge, prosecutor and those at the trial

Drunk driving lawyers will do their best to help your case, but be aware of the common infractions that lead to DUI charges in Fairfax, VA and what to do about them.