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If you or someone you know has been accused of committing a crime, contact a criminal defense attorney in Henrico County, VA, right away. Anyone you is charged with a crime can benefit from the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Henrico County, VA. With over three decades of criminal litigation and sound legal representation, the Boone Beale criminal defense attorneys in Henrico County, VA can construct a winning criminal defense to challenge the case brought against you by the Commonwealth’s prosecution and obtain a favorable negotiated plea bargain or court ruling.

The majority of the crimes committed in the United States are prosecuted and punished at the state level. Federal criminal law focuses on areas specifically relevant to the federal government, such as evading federal income taxes, mail fraud, physical attacks on federal officials, and interstate crimes like drug trafficking and wire fraud.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a Code of Law that delineates “crimes of high seriousness” ( felonies), such as murder and rape, and misdemeanors, or minor crimes that carry lesser penalties of under a year in jail and a substantial fine. Three strikes laws impose harsh penalties on repeat criminal offenders. Felony criminal convictions result in lengthy federal prison sentences and subsequent probation, large fines, and orders to pay restitution to victims.

An overwhelming majority of criminal cases are settled by astute backroom negotiations between prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys in Henrico County, VA. Since our criminal justice system incarcerates more people than any other developed country, the quality and reputation of your chosen criminal defense attorney in Henrico County, VA can elevate your criminal defense to another level of effectiveness.

An often overlooked aspect of your criminal defense is dealing with the collateral consequences stemming from your potential criminal conviction. Potentially severe, these “hidden consequences” include loss of future employment opportunities, adverse social reactions, disqualification from federal benefits, and various forms of civic exclusions.

An exceptional Boone Beale criminal defense attorney in Henrico County, VA will help you not only understand, but address these collateral consequences head-on. We know you face overwhelming odds and an uncertain future – let us help. Call the expert criminal defense attorneys in Henrico County, VA at Boone Beale, Attorneys at Law. Call now.